Dr. Ashoke Pathak is our founder president who was born in the year 1959 and died in the year 2009. He spent his childhood in a rural area of Bardhaman and went Kolkata to complete his MBBS. After that he went to Bihar to practice his profession. From there he came to Birbhum district and spent time in various places. And at last he permanently fixed his chamber in Mallarpur. He saw some graduation appeared student in Mallarpur and push them to make some Social Work. That team is now Mallarpur Naisuva. He started to work hard with that team and serially completed some social work. He felt that a organization should be registered and he sent his team members to register that NGO. He contacted with some renowned people to develop more. He was going well. He managed an Ambulance and started some Camps like Eye Operation Camp, Blood Donation Camp etc. When he becomes a Social Worker from Doctor we don’t know. But his dedication in work and personality seriously inspired us to work hard. Many of the team members choose their personal professions and left Mallarpur Naisuva. With him we were going well but unfortunately he got a Heart Attack in the year 2007. And at last in the year 2009, 6th February we lost our founder president.