Mallarpur Naisuva has organized different kind of Activity in Rural Mart through SHGs Rural Mart started on 14th August 2009 under NABARD the resource person inaugurated the Rural mart at Mallarpur, Birbhum. Najrul Swanirbhar Gosthi is maintaining the Mart and over 100 SHGs supplied their products. D.M, Birbhum, SDO, Rampurhat, SDPO, Rampurhat Sub-Division, BDO, Mayureswar-I etc. visited this Mart on several occasions. NABARD has committed to provide a financial assistance of Rs.6000/- per month for the initial 15 months of this rural mart. This amount is given on two accounts: (i) salary of mart workers and (ii) other establishment charges. MNS participate with State Bank Of India in the day of 08th March 2011 celebration of International Women Day State Bank Of India provide 05(five) stall to Naisuva for 03(three) days for this Rural Mart Product in Kolkata MNS open stall by Gandhari SHGs, Najrul Swanirbhar SHGs, purosttam SHGs Disarth participate for these Stall for supplied there product of Sari’s-Katha ,Tassar Grand silk, Bags –Jute ,jeans Salwar ,Punjabi and also ornaments .in different places at New Market under SBI ,Salt lake under Nabard and also supplied 400 bag to LIC Kolkata ,Punjabi pcs to rural Panchayat and also different kind of things to different organization .