Mallarpur Naisuva organized legal Awarance programme for Women Sported by Additional District Judge MNS aim for this programme Women collective believes in the rights of the excluded in the society especially that of women and children to have a peaceful and secure environment to live our vision is for just society in which the rights and the needs of the excluded are addressed without any discrimination on the basic of gender caste religion culture class politics health and education with assured food security, protected environment and disaster preparedness which ensures sustainable development Creating awareness among the excuted communities and creating global awareness about inclusive politic organizing the excluded communities especially for women.
Advocating for their socio economics education health gender political cultural and environment al rights .Networking with movement, organizations and campaign with similar Mission.

• To initiate the awakening process.
• To build up the people’s organization and the capacities of the people.
• To encourage development of a democratic process towards people’s solidarity.
• To strengthen women in the expression of their full potential and rightful place in the society.
• To try integrated and sustainable models of community health and rural development using, people’s participatory approaches.
• To develop the technical skills for the people of the poorer section for their life style through maximum utilization of the local resources.
• To provide education and other alternatives for integrated development of the children, specially the girl child.