Since 2007 Mallarpur Naisuva has been conducting Awareness & Screening Camps on Diabetes in active help and collaboration of the local govt. hospitals. The organization has been conducting the programme from its own sources. The main objective of this programme is to create awareness among the under-privileged indigenous people about Diabetes, the symptoms of Diabetes, the risk factors for Diabetes, the complication of Diabetes, the management of Diabetes through life-style changes. This programme also identifies the high-risk people for diabetes and screens the high risk people for diabetes through random glucose tolerance test. After screening the people detected with diabetes are referred to the government hospitals for necessary care and treatment. Mallarpur Naisuva has so far conducted 258 Awareness & Screening Camps reaching 22000 poor people. They have been educated on diabetes and life-style changes. 4365 people have so far been screened for diabetes.