Women Self-Help Group Movement under NABARD in Birbhum District (Backword Areas)

Naisuva’s involvement in SHG movement dates back to 2000-01. Its volunteers and grass root level workers were forming and nurturing ( capacity building, Bank linkage etc.) SHGs in various villages of Rampurhat – I , Rampurhat II and Mayureswar I blocks under SGSY programme . In 2005 Naisuva, as a promoting agency of SHG movement, submitted a project proposal to NABARD. The proposal was readily approved. To begin with NABARD gove Naisuva a target of 50 new SHGs.
That was the begining of Naisuva’s association with NABARD, Today there are about 450 SHGs under Naisuva’s fold.

Ambulance Service

MNS operates an ambulance in Mayureswar I block on no profit no loss basis. The ambulance car was handed over to us by the District Magistrate, Birbhum under Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme. The salient features of this ambulatory service are as follows:-
• To provide referal transport service to the pregnant mothers living below proverty line.
• To provide transport service to the general patients needing hospitalisation.
• To provide transport service in other health emergencies, if the society considers so.

Youth Development

MNS is conducting an on-going programme on mental and social development of the rural teen age population of 13-19 years age-group in Mayureswar I block for quite a long time. The programme is being financially and technically supported by the Nehru Yuba Kendra (NYK), Government of India. Under this programme, the rural teen-age population of both the sexes are organised into groups, called teen clubs. The most articulative ones among the groups are chosen as peer educators and/or village counsellors. These peer educators/villagecounsellers are given a 7 day residential training course which includes, in the main, life skill education and career guidance. The main objectiveof this training course is to arm the teen age population with necessary knowledge and information so that they can take the physical and mental changes natural during teen age in good stride and spirit. The trained peer educators/village counsellors are, in turn, transmit these knowledge and information among their own groups. The other regular activities of these teen clubs include the following :
• Observance of the anniversaries of the great sons and daughters of India
• To prevent child marriage and trafficking
• To keep a watch on in and out migration of village population.

Consumer Awareness Programme

Mallarpur NaiSuva is perhaps the leading CSO/NGO in generating awareness on Consumer Awareness and Rights and protection not only in the district of Birbhum but in the state of West Bengal as a whole. As a result of MNS effort and activities in this connection the consumers in general are now demanding money receipt etc .from various service provider as their legal rights. This year too MNS has conducted District level workshops and seminars in presences of Mr.Narain Day (Agriculture and Consumer Affair Minister), Mr. Nitai Mal (Sah Sabhadhipati Birbhum Zilla Parishad) Mr. Bidhan Roy (SDO Rampurhat Subdivision),Dr Shyamal Gupta (Additional District Judge Rampurhat Court) Debbartha Pal (Asstt Director of Birbhum Consumer Affairs and Business Practice), Sukhendu Heara (SDPO Rampurhat Subdivision),at Amantran Hotel Tarapith on dt-13thNovember2010 for this programme is main motive to provide batter Customer service to Tourist of Tarapith and also saying about transparency of Hotel customer like fair and additional charges charge by Hotel and fair display board show in recepsition counter etc. with financial and technical assistance of the Directorate of Consumer Affairs & Fair Business Practice, Govt. of West Bengal. The purpose is to conscious the community on the above mentioned issue.

Community understands that a consumer means a person belonging to the following categories:
(i) One who buys or agrees to buy any goods for a consideration which has been paid or promised or partly paid and partly promised or under any system of deferred payment.
(ii) It includes any user of such goods other than the person who actually buys goods and such use is made with the approval of the purchaser.

For the purpose of “services”, a “consumer” means a person belonging to the following categories:
(i) One who hires or avails of any service or services for a consideration which has been paid or promised or partly paid and partly promised or under any system of deferred payment
(ii) It includes any beneficiary of such service other than the one who actually hires or avails of the service for consideration and such services are availed with the approval of such person.

Besides community being ware of different rights and some are –
• Right to be protected against the marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life and property?
• Right to be informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods or services so as to protect the consumer against unfair trade practices.
• Right to be assured, wherever possible, access to a variety of goods and services at competitive prices.
• Right to seek redressed against unfair trade practices and unscrupulous exploitation of consumers.

Educational Programme

Education for vulnerable children – CRECHE
MNS is running 03 crèches at three locations are at Metaldanga, Mathurapur, and Rambhadrapur and of Mayureswar I block to take care of the children (0-6 yrs) of poor working mothers under the Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Programme. It is funded by Central Social Welfare Board, through WBSWB. It is worth mentioning here that all this 03 Crèche locations are dominated by Schedule Tribes and Schedule Caste communities. One such Crèche caters 25 under 6 children. Midday mill and health check-up also provide through this scheme.
Condensed Course School
Naisuva runs a condensed course school for drop-out girls and women in the age group of 15-35 yrs to prepare them for admission in class ix of the regular school in its office at Mallarpur. The school is being funded by the WBSWB .
Special School for Child Labours
Naisuva is running two special schools for child labours working in hotels, quarry industry etc. at Tarapith Fulerdanga and Sandhyajole villages of Rampurhat II block since 2006.These schools are being funded by National Child Lsbour Project, Birbhum. Each of these schools caters 50 child labours. Aim of this programme is to give the child labours there childhood back and to prepare them for admission in regular formals schools. MNS, so far, has been able to admit 50% of these students in regular schools already.

Rural Mart

Mallarpur Naisuva has organized different kind of Activity in Rural Mart through SHGs Rural Mart started on 14th August 2009 under NABARD the resource person inaugurated the Rural mart at Mallarpur, Birbhum. Najrul Swanirbhar Gosthi is maintaining the Mart and over 100 SHGs supplied their products. D.M, Birbhum, SDO, Rampurhat, SDPO, Rampurhat Sub-Division, BDO, Mayureswar-I etc. visited this Mart on several occasions. NABARD has committed to provide a financial assistance of Rs.6000/- per month for the initial 15 months of this rural mart. This amount is given on two accounts: (i) salary of mart workers and (ii) other establishment charges. MNS participate with State Bank Of India in the day of 08th March 2011 celebration of International Women Day State Bank Of India provide 05(five) stall to Naisuva for 03(three) days for this Rural Mart Product in Kolkata MNS open stall by Gandhari SHGs, Najrul Swanirbhar SHGs, purosttam SHGs Disarth participate for these Stall for supplied there product of Sari’s-Katha ,Tassar Grand silk, Bags –Jute ,jeans Salwar ,Punjabi and also ornaments .in different places at New Market under SBI ,Salt lake under Nabard and also supplied 400 bag to LIC Kolkata ,Punjabi pcs to rural Panchayat and also different kind of things to different organization .

Tribal Empowerment

Naisuva is engaged in implementing a DFID funded project under WBCSSP (PRIA) on tribal development in twenty tribal dominated villages of the 2GPs namely, Kastogara and Masra of Rampurhat I block since Dec.2008. The main objectives of this development project are as follows :
(i) To minimise the gap between the prevailing preventing health care facilities and the tribal communities. ( It was found from the base line survey that most of the tribals of these GPs were are not availing the preventive health care facilities available with the government subcentres there due to various reasons. Instead they were depending on their traditional healers )
(ii) To help the tribals in getting ration Cards. (It was found from the baseline survey that about 80 per cent of the tribal population of all these 20 tribal dominated villages under the two GPs were without ration card).
(iii) To help the tribals in getting schedule castes certificates (It was found from the baseline survey that about 90 per cent of the tribal population of all the villages under the two GPs were not having their due schduled tribe certificates from the govenrment authorities).

To begin with MNS personnel (workers and volunteers) started mobilizing the tribal youth (both boys and girls) as vehicle of change. In 13 villages the young boys and men (13-30yrs).were organised in 13 youth clubs while in the ramianing villages adolescent girls (13-19yrs) were brought under 7 adolescent groups. Moreover, there existed about 31 female-SHGs in these 20 villages. These SHGs were formed by the PRIs. MNS personnel are penetrating the tribal communities through these CBOs. As a result of this conserted effort the gaps between the community and the service providers has been minimized to a significant extent already. About 55 per cent of the tribals of these 2 GPs, on an average, are now availing the health care facilities of subcentres. As regards to ration cards the achievement is a bit higher : 60 per cent of the tribals are now having ration cards. The scenario of schedule caste certificates, however, is not so significant. About 30 per cent of the tribals are at present posses ST Certificates.

Financial Inclusion Programme (Kiosk Banking)

Swabhiman – Our Account Our Pride was launched by Smt. Sonia Gandhi, the Chairperson of the UPA in the presence of Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the Union Finance Minister and Shri Namo Narain Meena, the Union Minister of State for Finance on February 10, 2011. It is the campaign started by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India and the Indian Banks Association (IBA)-( an association of most of the Indian banks) to bring banking within the reach of the masses of the Indian population. This campaign or the movement is started to promote banking facilities and basic banking services to 73,000 villages in the country which are not served by any bank so far. The aim of the government is to bring a bank within the reach of every village with a population of over 2000 by the end of March, 2012.

The bank in the village will facilitate the opening of an account by a villager. It will provide a need-based credit to the villagers. Remittance facilities to transfer funds from one place to another will also be the part of the banking services to these villagers.

Highlights – Covering all 73000 unbanked rural habitation with over 2000 population.
Opening 5 crore new rural Bank accounts.
Providing branchless banking through technology.
Ensuring safe and secure banking.
Enhancing linkages between rural and urba.

Mallarpur NAI SUVA is also a channel partner for this programme Business Correspondent with STATE BANK OF INDIA at present Mallarpur NAI SUVA open 18 Customer Service Point (CSP) in different location (village): 1. Taloya (Birbhum) 2.Goala (Birbhum) 3.Fatepur (Birbhum) 4. Gajipur(Birbhum) 5.Sandigarabazar(Birbhum) 6. Chandipur(Birbhum) 7. Chakpara (Birbhum) 8. Shyamnbati (Birbhum) 9.Ramrampur (Birbhum) 10.Dhigalgram (Birbhum) 11. Lochiator(Birbhum) 12.Masra(Birbhum) 13.Sekeda(Birbhum) 14.Madhura(Birbhum) 15. Prochandrapur(Birbhum) 16.Urban Sirsa (Burdwan) 17. Balijuri (Burdwan) 18. Jhanjra (Burdwan)

All CSPs are working properly at present approx 2000 A/Cs already open and banking facility available to villagers Mallarpur NAISUVA open CSP under guidelines of SBI and all are CSPs is link with SBI link branch and also some bank product also add this Business Correspondent like Saving A/Cs Recurring deposit also Loan. MNS aim fulfill this programme in all WB’s rural areas and reach banking facility to all rural people through Bank correspondent so 1st step Opened 18 (Eighteen) CSPs and opened By Regional Manager (SBI), Branch Manager(SBI Mallarpur), Chief Manager Rural and District Development Manager Nabard of Mr.Gautam Gupta and at present 10(Ten)CSPs are in process. This Bank Correspondent working through KIOS System of State Bank Of India and all A/Cs are Authorized by link Branches and monitoring by link branch and also visited by District Development Manager Nabard, Branch Managers of link branch and also Regional Manager .This facility is very easy for villagers so they are very happy for this facility because He/She connected to bank and save his her money and get his/her money in easy way and get Banking facility available from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM in the guideline of Business Correspondent Financial inclusion programme setup by GOVT OF INDIA.

Tuberculosis Control Programme

Mallarpur NaiSuva organized Revised National Tuberculosis control Programme with Sported by GLRA and the project name is Axshya India this programme is going on at MNS from Oct 2010 For this programme Mallarpur Naisuva’s volunteers go village to village for awerneace to villagers about Tuberculosis treatment and how know tuberculosis seamtems and also whom are not continue his/her medicine give knowledge for this Disease and also give advice for treatment. MNS organized this programme under 02 Tuberculosis Unit (TU) which are Rampurhat Block Rampurhat-I&II, Mayureswar-I and Murarai Block Murarai-I & II and Nalhati-I & II in this year MNS organized campaign in different villages under consulting TU and Block.

Activities Are:-
• Community meeting sanctionrised programme organized at different village’s under consulting T.U.
• Coucellinng those people whom not continue his/her medicine
• Connecting RHCP (Rural Health Care Practicener) for refer to patient.
• Give Reference slip to RHCP for refer to TB patient.
• People went for treatment R.H.C.P but not cure due to wrong treatment so volunteer at first understanding to RHCP Practicener for this programme.
• And also saying about this treatment that’s why lots of patient come to this camp and get benefit for this programme and also cure.

Legal Awarance Programme for Women

Mallarpur Naisuva organized legal Awarance programme for Women Sported by Additional District Judge MNS aim for this programme Women collective believes in the rights of the excluded in the society especially that of women and children to have a peaceful and secure environment to live our vision is for just society in which the rights and the needs of the excluded are addressed without any discrimination on the basic of gender caste religion culture class politics health and education with assured food security, protected environment and disaster preparedness which ensures sustainable development Creating awareness among the excuted communities and creating global awareness about inclusive politic organizing the excluded communities especially for women.
Advocating for their socio economics education health gender political cultural and environment al rights .Networking with movement, organizations and campaign with similar Mission.

• To initiate the awakening process.
• To build up the people’s organization and the capacities of the people.
• To encourage development of a democratic process towards people’s solidarity.
• To strengthen women in the expression of their full potential and rightful place in the society.
• To try integrated and sustainable models of community health and rural development using, people’s participatory approaches.
• To develop the technical skills for the people of the poorer section for their life style through maximum utilization of the local resources.
• To provide education and other alternatives for integrated development of the children, specially the girl child.