Presently we have entered the 29th year of our existence. It gives us profound pains to record that we have passed the last entire year (2012-13) without our beloved and our chief mentor, guide and founder President Dr. Ashoke Pathak. Yet we have endeavored to render utmost justice to the legacy he had left behind for us to follow. Now the time came to judge how far we have achieved successes.

Our activity profile of last year was almost the same in nature with those of the previous year. However, four significant additions may be noticed in our activity profile of last year : i) entry of FCRA Fund (DFID); ii) adoption of an eminent village (Meteldanga) by the State Bank of India and iii) opening of a rural mart – a sales emporium for the products of Self Help Group under the financial sponsorship of NABARD. Iv) Opened 18(eighteen) under State Bank Of India for Business Correspondent Financial inclusion programme It is worth to mention in this context that WDREDA, Govt. of West Bengal has extended its almost total assistance, both financial and technological, towards solar lighting of Meteldanga village.

MNS does its best to combat the major challenges in relation to development. Our main activity of micro-insuarance has developed a benchmark in the subdivision and now they are trying to cross the boundary. Our collaborative effort with Block and district organizations is our key strength. MNS expresses its sincere gratitude to the resource agencies which supports the efforts for the improvement of the poor Indian people. I truly think that this kind of partnership between the so-called developed and developing worlds is the positive side of the globalization. We also thank the Government of West Bengal for its supports towards the activities. I am grateful to all the colleagues for their hard work and perseverance in difficult times with their untiring efforts. Together, we are gradually improving the local conditions by coping with various areas. Change takes time as it deals with the evolution of the mentalities and of the behaviors. The achievements reached in this year 2010-11 only constitutes a small step toward the fully development of the Indian rural area. However, we expects that one day, with the addition of all the positive changes achieved years after years, the local society will be strong enough to ensure to itself all the basic standards of living a human deserves to decently live.

Financial Inclusion

Working on Financial Inclusion Programme as Business Correspondence of SBI

Women Empowerment

Working as Nodal Agency of NABARD for WSHG's promotion in Birbhum District.

Youth Development

We are working for the overall development of youth through various programme in West Bengal.

Child Development

Our programme includes health, education & overall support for the development of youngest citizens of India.

Health & Hygiene

We are actively working for the development of Health & Hygiene in rural areas of West Bengal.

Awareness Programme

Awareness Programme includes Consumer Awareness, Legal Awareness, Health Awareness and more.

Educational Activity

Providing Educational support for poor and needy students by various manners like Free Coaching, Computer Class, Books etc.

Farmers Development

Supporting Farmers with various Training and Awareness Programme.

Our Management

Soma Pathak
Sadhan Sinha
Praduet Pramanick

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